About Me

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About Me:

I’m a freelance journalist and writer, full-time dreamer and part-time corporate sell out.

Dubai has been my home for more than four years, having moved here from the UK because I was bored of the crap weather. Now the Tories are in, I’m never going back.

I’m a little bit of a cynic, yet I’m also one of those people who really appreciates the beauty of life. I guess if I had a mental disorder, it would have to be manic depression – one minute I’m bouncing off the walls, exclaiming how great it is to be alive and telling everyone how much I love them, whilst the next minute I’m bemoaning the state of the world and how many hours I have to work a week, while weeping into my pint.

But the bottom line is: I bloody love life and I want to make the most of every juicy second of it.  And that’s exactly why I’ve created this blog.

About The 30 Before 30 Challenge:

I have started this blog as a way to motivate myself to finish a never-ending list of things I want to before I turn 30.

Unlike many, I am glad that as I approach the big 3-0 I’m nowhere near acquiring any real estate (prison sentence number one), I don’t have a long-term relationship that is heading down the aisle (prison sentence number two), and I won’t be having any children any time soon (life sentence). So while I have no interest in acquiring all these things society seems to want us to have, what I do want are more kick-ass experiences that I can tell the grandchildren about one day (or, failing that, the grandnieces and nephews).

I’m hoping this blog is something I can show them all when I’m grey and wrinkly, and getting drunk every day on a bottle of rum, whilst wearing a Chanel jacket and a string of pearls.

One can dream, eh?


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